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A Message from the Team:

A friend of of ours recently reached out and wanted me to write about my experience with Adrafinil, he himself has used it many times and wanted to see what our healthy staff and what we may think of it as it relates to living a balanced and healthy life. While we are not running this blog, we do have a offline Supplement Shop, that we run. Granted we do not sell Adrafinil as it is made the lab and not natural the FDA does not let us sell it, however it can be easily purchased online and that is how we got a hold of it. Below is our review.

Adrafinil Analysis, Reviews, and Best Guideline

Adrafinil belongs to a eugeroic family of stimulants and is a nootropic compound in its essence. It is known for its wakefulness attribute and alertness, as well as enhancing the mood, motivation, reaction time and energy levels in a positive way. It is not a controlled drug in the United States and can be easily purchased, whereas the purchase of modafinil requires a prescription.

It is always healthy to seek a doctor’s advice before using this drug because it has certain side effects.

Here are some of the chief benefits of adrafinil:

  • Boosts mental faculties, as focus and concentration
  • Increased wakefulness, motivation, and energy
  • Supports memory and enhances mood
  • Improves vision, response time and alertness
  • Lifts up wakefulness without hyperactivity
  • Drifts the productivity and motivation level
  • Relieves fatigue and drowsiness

On the other hand, it has certain side effects which are listed here:

  • Comparatively more costly than other nootropics
  • Shows hypotoxicity on overuse
  • Raised liver enzymes due to metabolism process
  • Lesser effective than modafinil
  • Inappropriate for a long time period use
  • Takes long time to effect

Ok, What is Adrafinil?

It was discovered in the 1970s by a French pharmaceutical company Lafon. It is a stimulant of central nervous system. Initially, it was researched and tested under the name CRL-40028 and was brought to market with the name Olmifon until recently, when Cephalon manufacturer discontinued its production. But there are many online sources through which adrafinil powder can be purchased.

In its beginning, it was used to treat the patients of narcolepsy and sleep disorders. It is well known for its strength boosting quality and it lessens fatigue and long hours sleepiness. It directly affects the adrenergic system and catecholamine hormones. It in return stirs the excitement by releasing epinephrine and produces a rush of adrenaline.

All stimulants effects on the adrenergic system which results in a release of adrenaline in high volume to help improving concentration and focus. However, adrafinil does not disturb the normal sleeping pattern of the individual if taken at the proper time.

Moreover, it is not known to influence the heart rate or raise circulatory strain, not at all like numerous regularly utilized and recommended stimulants.

  • Focuses longer, clear mental haze and feel more propelled
  • Boosts vitality, alertness, and memory
  • Contains 12 natural and regular nootropic fixings

The overall Benefits of Adrafinil

There are truly two unique classes of advantages to consider while talking about Adrafinil.

The most intriguing advantages might be identified with Adrafinil going about as a general stimulant. It is known to give you significantly more vitality, stamina, and consideration. This makes it appropriate for treatment of people with genuine rest issues, for example, narcolepsy and sleep disorders.

It is additionally turning out to be increasingly prominent for the individuals who work during the evening, truck drivers, doctors, nurses, night shift workers and even students when concentrating on important exams. This drug is likewise thought to build general inspiration, drive, and productivity.

On an essential level, Adrafinil makes mental work easier as well controlling the work stress that is felt during tasks for longer stretches of time. Adrafinil surveys frequently say that this medication makes it helps to avoid diversion and aids focus. Various individuals feel mentally high after having it.

How To Use It?

The suggested routine quantity to be taken is around 150 and 300 mg. As being the strongest nootropic, it is advisable not to start with a higher dose as it may result in side effects or serious consequences. It is considered prudent to give one’s body time to get adjusted with the varying quantity of the dosage. You can see the user experiences of others supplementing adrafinil here and their reasons, side effects and dosage here:

It is advisable to take it in weeks’ cycles instead of long;term continuous intake, as pauses will help the efficiency levels without the body gathering up a lot of a resilience level. Doctor or qualified human services supplier is to be consulted firstly if you have plans to use Adrafinil for a longer period.

You must keep a track of your liver capacity since the supplement has been known to break down few important enzymes of the liver which may result in any kind of harm. You could also snort Adrafinil but we do not recommend it and it has not been well researched.

Be Happy and Anxiety Free

be_happyThere are many that believe that as long as they are not consuming junk food they are going to be healthy and fit. Then there are those that belive simply working out will keep the sane and happy and fit. The truth of hte matter is your body should be looked at like a super computer… there are billions of things happening at once and we have just started touching the surface on what works and what doesn’t. We have broad ideas as to what is healthy and continue to test hypothesis as to what in general consumed by our body will result in a positive result, and those that have a high risk to reward ratio are fended off into the abyss of the health space.

Let me start by discussing two supplements that I find interesting to have a balanced mind and productive life. Without a further ado, they are: one is called Phenibut and Adrafinil or its successor (Modafinil also referred to as the limitless pill).

On wards with Phenibut

Phenibut is a derivative of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). GABA is the primary neurotransmitter in your body that regulates the neuronal excitability of the central nervous system. Basically, GABA makes sure that your brain does not become hyperactive.

Ther reason you would not want to supplement GABA instead of this synthetic compound is because GABA does not easily cross the blood brain barrier, while Phenibut does.  The main reasons to take this supplement are: It increases motivation, attention and concentration but not so much your memory per say, as for that you may want to supplement Aniracetam.

The second reason for supplementing Phenibut aside from motivation and concentration is that it is a strong anxiolytic, now if you take this with Aniraceram which also is a anxiety killer, you may have synergistic effects. However, Phenibut in and of itself has a different place then Aniracetam. Phenibut could be supplement more for social settings, e.g. when you are not necessarily in  a need to memorize anything and store data, whereas Phenibut should be taken to relax yet be able to be attentive to whatever is going on around you.

NZT 48 The “Real” Limitless Pill taken by Bradley Cooper

The idea is simple, a pill to remember stuff faster and therfore draw conclusions to whatever it is you are doing faster. If NZT was a perfect 10/10, the close comparative that actually exists now to the limitless pill is called Modafinil or its successor Armodafinil, which we would give a 2/10. It increases memory I/O, provides motivation, but be aware of the side effects. It causes your heart rate to increase, increases irritability, may cause a rare skin disease to popup Steve Johnson Syndrome and the infallible headache from taking too much or getting ‘over stimulated’.

By the way, if any patterns start emerging in terms of your health, side effects or symptoms, consider using a symptom tracker to figure out the trigger to avoid any detrimental issues arising form these supplements. Other then that, don’t be afraid to get started and consult a Holistic or a Functional Medicine doctor before hand.